Shared by MrNavyseal on June 18, 2016

I just started with streaming on Twitch, this is the highlight video of week #1. Highlights and clips of DayZ standalone! Experimental and stable. I hope you guys like it, let me know!

Feel free to subscribe if you wanna see more! Thanks.

* Twitch:


** I had some issues with the bitrate of the video, i hope i can fix it next time. Its now 1280×720 with 60 FPS.

Program that i’ve used:
– Photoshop CS6
– Premiere Pro CS6
– After effects CC 2015
– Audition CS6
– FL Studi 11

I’ve also uploaded it on:

Creative Common.

Juskiddink – western themetune
Dingo1 – down dark metal electronic
Xinematix – action percussion ensemble fast
Tyops – last breath
Joshuaempyre – fast build up orchestra

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