Shared by NomadZ on May 20, 2016

Good Bye, I Love You! – DayZ Standalone | Nomad in Chernarus
Just another sunny day in Svetlo… birds chirpin, pesky zombies…

DayZ Survival Notes & Tips – Chernarus Memories – Year Zero:


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    I don’t understand how they could be insecure. It wasn’t like they were being complete dicks or talking shit.

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      For some people it may not look like they were insecure but for some others or me personally they kinda were if not 100%. So instead of over analyzing it I just went with that conclusion because that’s how it felt and looked from my perspective in that moment. They somehow wanted me to “kneel and beg” but I didn’t. Maybe they didn’t like that? Maybe it was their first time holding up a freshie? Maybe they wanted to show some power and dominance over me? Maybe they were bored? Whatever it is… I’d like to hear other people’s opinion on why they did what they did? Why do you think they killed me? I didn’t do anything wrong. I complied and answered all their questions. Thanked for bandaging me and all lol but it’s an interesting DayZ gameplay situation to analyze and discuss 😉