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Many things have been foretold and carved on stone. But nobody could have predicted this. Join me on a spiritual journey filled with espionage, betrayal and people from the internet with funny accents.
Updates in Description.

Channel update video coming soon to talk about ideas I have that can get you guys involved! Stay tuned!
Edit: 9/5/14 Postponed :/ fml
Edit: 10/1/14 Cancelled :p sorry, i fucked up

[HELP ME IMPROVE] So, I think I got the hang of recording DayZ now. But there is always room to improve. I welcome any feedback/criticism you guys may have. Thanks.

Message me if you would like to come out as the walkie-talkie voice on a future video!

Walkie-Talkie voice acting done by Flog
Channel –
He helped me introduce the walkie-talkie intros/outros to my videos, which Ive been wanting to do for a while now.

[UPDATE] January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

Video Geolocation