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Witness the glory. As 4 cousins and some dude they met in the internet embark on the journey to see the Berezino gas station fireworks show. My cousins are Mike, Jonathan (Jon) and Ralf. Cam is a friend thats pretty MLG with the guns.
Updates in Description.

You guys asked for it, so you got it! Season 2 baby!!!…Sorta.
Not only did your guys’ comments make Mike play DayZ, but also my two other cousins Ralf and Jonathan. We’re playing with a new friend of ours to, Cam. We actually met him when he added us through Steam after watching some of my videos.

So guys, again, you guys asked for it and season 2 is here. Now the only question I got left is; Do you guys want more hostage situations as the main focus of my videos? OR are you guys OK with any funny moments? Like this video.
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I honestly dont care which one you guys choose because doing both are very fun for me and I enjoy doing them. Im only trying to give you guys more ways to influence future videos 😀

[HELP ME IMPROVE] So, I think I got the hang of recording DayZ now. But I suppose there is always room to improve. I welcome any feedback/criticism you guys may have. Thanks.

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BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation


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Sax Attack – Stuart Bogie

January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

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