Shared by C H O C O on January 15, 2015

An epic episode I had when I was traveling in Kamyshovo/Kambiwobo. I’m sorry that my microphone audio file was lost, but I make up for it with improvising with some summarizing texts. Watch it all plz, LOLz to be had through the whole video. Sorry for the quality too, I play on the lowest graphic settings of the game. —Updates in Description.

[QUESTION] Ive been testing and my pc is good, but not THAT GOOD. So, whenever I use these programs Ive been trying out to record, it makes my frame-rate drops very bad. Are you guys ok with the format I used on this video for future videos or would you guys prefer me to fix my microphone thing? Thanks

[SPOILER] My personal favorite part is the “human, HUMAN!” haha, wow of all the things he could of said. xD

[Copyright Disclaimer] I do not own any rights to any music or video clips used on this video.

[UPDATE] August 7, 2014, my videos are being monetized now.
January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

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