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Hostage situation spawns an intricate lust for vengeance. The innocent to gather in promise of conquest, only to be deceived and rejected as they fall to the relentless smite of the malevolent girth.
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[UPDATE] August 7, 2014, my videos are being monetized now.

[HELP ME IMPROVE] Thanks for watching and sorry for the lazy editing at the very end, teehee. Let me know what you guys think of the quality. I’m pretty comfortable with the video and audio. But, Im still working on the microphone thing. Sometimes it records good and clear, but sometimes comes out very low or choppy. Any advice/criticism is welcomed. Via Comment/Inbox

Also if any of you don’t like a particular effect I do on the video, let me know. If the text goes by too fast, or the zooming in/out too bothersome or anything. LET ME KNOW. Also if you would like me to add any effect for future videos too, just ask. Comment/Inbox.

I respond ASAP to all input/questions regarding the HMI Section above

[QUESTION] What was your favorite part of the video? 😀

[SPOILER] Not really a long hostage moment, but i think the little bit counts, lol. In case some of you didnt get it, NMR is “No Message Recieved.” My personal favorite part is when I straight up book it and run, “Oh hell no!” hahaha Ah man, I really wish the NMR didnt show up when it did. Who knows what crazy stuff might of happened.

[Copyright Disclaimer] I do not own any rights to any music or video clips used on this video. Video not monetized, done only as hobby.