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I try getting the better of some armed thugs with the element of surprise. But I succumb to the alpha strength …
of a gun pointed at my face.
Update in Description.

[UPDATE] You guys made it happen, lol. Im here to stay. Season 2 should be up soon.

This is the last episode of my Dayz videos in season 1, I guess. The content of this video is really old and I didn’t want to use it. But It sufficed for what I wanted to do, which was basically let you guys know Im done for now, it seems, with a sort of finale. :p If you read the message in the credits and wish to take action of some sort, heres some place to start.

Give him your worst! xD


[HELP ME IMPROVE] Thanks for watching and I found out how to record in WAY BETTER quality,but its not on this video becuase its old footage. Im always looking for any advice/criticism is for video quality. Via Comment/Inbox

Also if any of you don’t like a particular effect I do on the video, let me know. If the text goes by too fast, or the zooming in/out too bothersome or anything. LET ME KNOW. Also if you would like me to add any effect for future videos too, just ask… IF I ever get around to so another video. Comment/Inbox.

I respond ASAP to all input/questions regarding the HMI Section above

[QUESTION] What was your favorite part of the video? Let me know in the comments to share the lols. 😀

[SPOILER] My favorite part has to be the extras on the credits, sorry but its because theres a lot of “iniside jokes” on those.

[Copyright Disclaimer] I do not own any rights to any music or video clips used on this video.

[UPDATE] August 7, 2014, my videos are being monetized now.
January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

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