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Hostage situation causes a war to breakout at Elektro. A war fought for revenge, freedom and love.
Updates in the Description.

[HELP ME IMPROVE] I would appreciate any advice on getting decent video quality (game footage) and I sorta fixed my microphone thing, but you’ll notice in the video I had to do a couple of context-texts because I’m still getting used to the program Audacity. Please share this with your friends if you like it and think they will too. ENJOY!

Also if any of you don’t like a particular effect I do on the video, let me know. If the text goes by too fast, or the zooming in/out too bothersome or anything. LET ME KNOW. Also if you would like me to add any effect for future videos too, just ask. Comment/Inbox.

I respond ASAP to all input/questions regarding the HMI Section above.

[QUESTION] What was your favorite part? 😀

[SPOILER] My personal favorite part is when the fresh spawn is calling the bandits bad because they cant hit him …. then gets hit.(4:25) haha, just bad timing for him. xD

[Copyright Disclaimer] I do not own any rights to any music or video clips used on this video.

[UPDATE] August 7, 2014, my videos are being monetized now.
January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

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