Shared by camcantrun on May 23, 2016

So I recently went out and got a second monitor the results were something of sheer beauty. Not only did I have one of the more entertaining times I’ve ever had playing dayz but a LOTTTT of support showed up.

Along my journeys I stole a car, fought a squad of 5 bandits (killing 3), built a base, and found two random Norwegian drunkards whom I saved from a sniper.

Along the journey my two friends meet eachother at a head during a heated argument over who was going to sit shotgun. This is the product of that argument. 🙂

I had shadowplay with MIC disabled on accident so you get none of my conversation but I think their’s is plenty. Enjoy.

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and of course twitch for some live action, I’ll be streaming all Monday long.

Hope all is well, as always thanks for watching.

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