Shared by Sobieski12 on July 6, 2016

A collections of failed hold ups ranging from Myshkino – NWAF and Tisy military base.

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Video Geolocation


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    Hate KOS, but now it is the only way to survive. Every time I try to communicate with someone I met he always starts shooting at me. It is sad … very sad. This game should be about cooperation of players. Not some fps zombie version of Quake arena etc.

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      I completely agree. The game should literally be as you say about co-operation and community, rebuilding and working together as a race to survive against the harshness of life in that world, but no, it’s a PvP game where you might see a few zombies if you’re lucky…

      I’ve only ever spoken to one person in-game who I wasn’t already friends with and he killed me when I logged out. The community that plays the game seems to be not only toxic but also fearful of any human interaction what-so-ever