Shared by Happybro on April 19, 2015

I list the zombie exploits I’ve learned to counteract the ‘spine fracture’ stat that has killed so many players in 0.55.

Updated Science Of Zombies Video:

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  • Profile photo of ZynloeMC

    That was pretty dirty what you did to those guys… I loved it.

  • Profile photo of rebellion

    Nice to know I also know that by using the truck if you allow the zombies to populate on the back of it…you can kill them simply by speeding off they fall off the back and die – although IF you reverse and they fall off the front truck damage may occur as you will hear the “window smashing” sound. Also I have noticed that its safe to have players on the V3S carrier and if a zombie gets on the back of it those players will not get attacked as like you say the nav mesh is present in certain areas so by being on the truck no attack occurs.

  • Profile photo of Dave

    love your videos, but you really do have the most bored, “I can’t be bothered to read this script” voice ever

  • Profile photo of Parasight

    You’ve dubbed this mechanic ‘spinal fracture’ and deemed it unfair for some reason. Then you make a video ‘exploiting’ zombies. I didn’t realize they designated you as the guy to balance gameplay through limited shelf-life videos.

    Who are you to pass judgement on what is fair or not, then to make a video ‘exploiting zombies’ because think an intended game mechanic is not nice.

    Forget the fact that you’re playing an alpha dev build. You talk about unbalanced systems and exploiting the game, when it’s not even a game state.

    Spinal Fracture, as you call it, isn’t that bad. Of all of the players I’ve talked to, none are that upset over it that they decide on their own that they’re going to make a video showing players how to cheat.