Shared by Leon 'Guyver1' Evans on February 23, 2014

1. dying of starvation after finding pristine SKS rifle
2. find food!!
3. as soon as I find food… I fall unconsciousness 🙁
4. I decide to respawn to avoid a black screen while streaming…. as if DayZ isn’t boring enough!! 😛
5. respawn in Kamyshovo

37:30 – Run and loot to Berezino to team up with Pinny (on the way Pinny takes out 3 survivors with his axe – ) Pinnys footage starts on my footage at 37:30 ish
51:00 – Meet up with Pinny after he ‘axes’ a question of his 3rd victim and I take the mosin and some loot.
1:25:30 – 1:30:00 – player encounter in Berezino, player glitches out and we’re not sure whether we actually get him or not.
1:40:00 – Witness an apparent suicide, I think the survivor had a broken leg and decided to end it by falling off the top of the ship
2:04:00 – Epic shootout at NEAF!! (you won’t see this type of intense combat on n00b regular 3rd person servers)

Highlights clip to follow!

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