Shared by Someotherdude67 on March 28, 2015

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    i really hate this kind of behaviour, makes me sick! 🙁
    thats why i prefer privat servers nowadays + u dont have so many hackers 🙂

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    “looking for bandits, people messing with new spawns”

    Looks to me like YOU are the bandit. You KOS bambis from the island then make a video whining about ghosting. Clearly you have lots of skill.

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    I watched the video. I didn’t see other people attacking other people at all. Who exactly were you defending? Your buddy also stated that he was bored and wanted to see some action. This indicates your bloodlust.
    “calling out the shitheads” means nothing. Talk is cheap. The only person in your video who was attacking other people was YOU.
    Please point out when during the video the ‘bandits’ were attacking new spawns.

    Oh, you’ve never killed a bambi from that location. You’ve only killed bambis like this from other locations, huh.

    • Profile photo of Someotherdude67

      We don’t kill fresh spawns or people without weapons. Just because he stated that he wanted to see action doesn’t mean we kill whoever we see on sight. Your comment is based on information you do not have. You are basing your statements on what you see. I state in the description that they were killing fresh spawns. Prior to hitting the record button they killed two fresh spawns. So you can base your opinion on what you see in the video or that I have nothing to prove to you and could honestly care less. That decision is yours alone to make. Either way, I know what happened prior to these events transpiring.

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    A video that requires a huge backstory is a terrible video. Any film needs to contain all the information within itself. Watch any movie, tv show, etc. for example. Backstory is bad.

    My comment is based on information only contained in the video. Exactly. That’s how the world works.