Shared by rebellion on October 8, 2015

DayZ Standalone 0.58 game play.

Me and a couple of friends came across a couple of glitchers in Cherno. We were holed up in a building opposite the Tank statue in Cherno when Oenomaus heard someone come into the building, he suspiciously got killed – even though no one was in view. Prior to this he had killed two players, both of which returned obviously to try and strike revenge…just that the only way they could get that revenge was to glitch in some way in order to get a kill. I ended up being the last one alive when I mysteriously got hit with an axe in the hallway. I sat in the corner for a while waiting for them to rush me which never happened. When I was struck by the axe, just prior to this you hear me mention that bodies were disappearing – I’ll correct myself here – it was a backpack and axe that disappeared even though no one was visible in the hallway (obviously) or from the stairs (check the Timestamp at around 4.46 to see the bag and axe disappear).

As I said I waited for them to rush me but that never happened – a few choice words were exchanged. Namely me calling them little glitchers which is what I think was the most probable explanation. for what happened through out the video.

At the end of the video, I get suspiciously shot in the head but you can see that the position I am in I was not shot from inside the room, neither could I not have been seen from any other window positions across the square. The shot you heard was way too close for it to come from any distance such as Triple Yellow or Blue Top and we know definitely NOT from down on the street. The only explanation here is that the culprit could have only done it by glitching from somewhere within the building.

Oenomaus6 – who is in the vid too also recorded from his perspective – check the vid here

Whatever happened here are the names and steam ID’s of the two little shits who were the culprits:

GetRektm8 (uid=76561198136126249)
jack (uid=76561198156268805)

The player names (at the time this occurred) and their steam UID’s were obtained from Admin logs on the server.

So remember IF you come across either of these two little shits…theyll end up glitching just to get a kill on you!

Video Geolocation