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After being killed a few times in Berezino I met a couple of new spawns and we jogged back into Bererzino to get a bit of justice. Once we got into Berezino we came across the Musicman of Berezino. We all hung out rocking to some of his tunes, we even jogged down to the train station and put on a performance for a random player, he didnt seem to appreciate it that much so it was time to enact some bambi revenge, we ran him down and he was bashed to death by the mob, towards the end of the beating we spotted another player watching and pointing a gun at us..The war cries rang out ATTACK!! and we were off after him..things got a little out of hand towards the end, we started fighting amungst ourselves and it all fell apart.

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– Music by Brother Dege –

Song – Dead & Gone –

The song Molly by Tyga is not mine and was not played by me in this video, All songs excluding the intro and outro were not from me, they came from another player broadcasting in the game.

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