Shared by newt on August 14, 2015

BuGs-DayZ is my 1st real try at video editing. 98%of the footage is mine, only borrowing the rainy bit from youtube and a free to use DayZ intro, as I have no visuals of my own of that. I’m going on the fact that various DayZ videos contain the song Bad Moon Rising and that it can be used, fingers crossed.This cover of Bad Moon Rising is such a brilliant song to play with any DayZ footage. It is not intended to make money/profit, but for pure entertainment value to the greater DayZ loving community. Great work to July Talk for a super remake of the song and thanks to DayZ developers for the best game out there ever. I just passed 2100hrs and climbing. Captured almost all video on Nvidea ShadowPlay and edited with iSkysoft video editor.