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Dayz Standalone has just been announced for PlayStation 4 (PS4) at Gamescom 2014! There will most likely be more platforms to follow.

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Dayz started as a mod back in 2012 and was later released as a standalone game. It started on Arma 2, and then it used a modified engine from Take On Helicopters made by Bohemia Interactive. The creator of Dayz is Dean Hall and he now works with Bohemia Interactive as the lead for Dayz (for the remainder of the year). It is the zombie survival sandbox genre.

Dayz being announced for the PS4 caused a lot of arguments. Dean Hall announced it would arrive to the Playstation 4 in the next 3 years. He also stated on Reddit that it will most likely arrive on other platforms such as Linux and Xbox. Development for Dayz on PC will not be halted, as they are having a separate team work on the console version.


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