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I hope you Peeps Enjoy this look at ‘Experimental Branch Update 0.42’

It’s a biggie 😉 – For all things DayZ!!!

New items to this update:

Balistic Helm Varients & Respray
Boonie Hats
Flat Cap
Wool Coats
Anphibia S .22 pistol
.22 pistol Mag
.22 Rifle (Rugar)
30rd Rifle Mag
10rd Rifle Mag
1911 Tactical Pistol
CR/CZ75 9mm Pistol
9mm Ammo
9mm CZ75 Mag
1911 Mag
New Improved Animations
Farming Hoe
Farming Pitchfork

Stab Vest isn’t New but ‘Rare’ 😉




All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive

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