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99 problems and the zombie apocalypse ain’t one of them 😀 This is DayZ Exile, thought i would have a bit of an adventure but i did not expect this to happen 😀 Leave a like/comment and subscribe for more?
Intro: Transformers “No Sacrifice, No Victory”
Outro: The Phantoms feat. Amy Stroup ” We Carry On”
About DayZ
DayZ is an open world survival game which allows its player to do various tasks and activities such as base building, looting and PVP. Dayz gives the player total freedom in the game allowing them to pick and choose their own play style whether it be a hero which helps others in need or a bandit that plays in the most advantageous way by murder all that are in his/her way. Or maybe you’re a survivor that sets up camps, stays off the radar and avoid player confrontation at all cost.
Intel I7 6700 – GTX 970 – 8GB Ram – 240GB SSD For Games
(HAving a ssd greatly reduces and often completely eliminates stuttering found in arma 3 especially when zooming in and out, one of the best pc upgrades for arma/dayz)
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