Shared by camcantrun on June 21, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the second installment in the “Tides of Men” series. If you haven’t seen the first episode please take the time to watch it here:

In this episode we have a look at Chase six years after the time we last saw him. A lot has happened since leaving Chernogorsk, all of which will be put on display in due time. Until that time… enjoy.

All events were carried out on ‘The Crossroads Faction RP’ server.
They have a whitelist and some quality admins at work. Their really striving to get quality players in so get on there and apply.

Also check KJ’s channel out here, he’s a really nice guy and has some good content:

The admins sorted out my murderer post death don’t fret friends!

Music was done by two wonderful artist:
Kai Engel & IBI.

Check IBI out here:

As always follow me on twitter if you want to stay up to date and chit chat about the world and happenings. 🙂

and for a future date when streaming is a possibility check me out on twitch.

Hope all is well and thanks for watching.

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