Hey fellow survivors, my name is Matt and welcome to the DayZ Weekly Recap, a show where I talk about all of the latest news and information that was released about DayZ over the past week.

This episode will cover everything that happend from October 5th to October 11th 2013, which according to Hicks, started out as a very productive week.

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Dayz Standalone News (#DAYZDAILY) :

with exciting strides made on the development of the Standalone.

He also mentioned on Tuesday that aside from Polana, the town of Zelenogorsk has also been completely redone for DayZ.

Hey, Thursday was a good day, with the team working late and ending the night off like any degnified unit of game developers would. Remember kids, never bring a baseball bat to a gunfight.

And finally, if you’re watching this video and you just-so happen to be an audio designer, Bohemia Interactive wants you… to design audio for them. So yeah. Get on that.

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