Shared by Happybro on December 31, 2016

FT and I start fresh and we decided to go up to the new Staroye military base. From there a lot goes down. I hope you enjoy and make sure to check

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Map animations made with the map on

A Darker Heart –

Prelude No 11 – Chris Zabriskie

Eyes Wide Open – Joachim Heinrich

Breathe – Joachim Heinrich

Vanished – Tim Beek

Desolate – Tim Beek

The Solemn Fields: Complete – Teknoaxe

New Frontiers Piano Only – Teknoaxe

Redletter – Kevin Macleod

Laser Quest – Tim Beek

Complex – Tim Beek

XX – Jahzzar

Simple Soul – Tim Beek

Is That You or Are You You – Chris Zabriskie

Small Colin – 09 – Launching Pianos

Time Passing By –

Scent of Night – Myuu

Video Geolocation