Wrenching 3 years ago

CSA MEET UP !!!!! Here is a picture I took at the meet up we had with another clan :D

Sledge hammer VS M4 – DayZ Standalone

WrenchingShoe 3 years ago

Sledge hammer VS M4 – DayZ Standalone This is my first video hope you enjoy, make sure to hit the like button

“The Infection” – DayZ Standalone

WrenchingShoe 2 years ago

“The Infection” – DayZ Standalone Thanks for Watching this is my first edited DayZ video on this channel and I plan to post more. If you enjoyed the video Please Leave a LIKE Music by...

“A Good day”

Wrenching 3 years ago

“A Good day” A good day of looting with my best bud :D