Shared by Fadez on December 6, 2016

Today the dev’s of Dayz added in a 64 bit client to run the game on which results in better frames.

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    “They added a 64 bit client. Previously it was a 32 bit, now it’s a 64 bit obviously.”
    You literally have no idea what you are even talking about. You made this video to harvest views from those that are interested in something new that happened in dayz.. You talked for 3 minutes and you didn’t say anything informational at all. By the end of the video where you said you toned down your graphics because of PvP I already knew you were just one more of those uneducated Call of DayZ : Chernarus Warfare people.
    Get some education before you go out to make shit videos. At least people can get the opinion that you’re somewhat smart.

    And here, to enlighten you:
    32bit architecture is called that because the processor can allocate and map memory (RAM) with 32 bit long identifiers, that’s 4294967296 bits (variations that represent memory location) which is just over 4GB of data. (which is why 32 bit is limited to using 4GB of RAM)

    Enabling 64 bit client (only on 64 bit computers) will allow the game to allocate more memory for the game client which means at same point more textures, more models and more executable code will be inside the RAM ready to be processed. Which leads to the belief that there will be noticable improvements when it comes to stuttering (stuttering in this case is merely game freezing up because it requires something that isn’t yet inside your memory because there’s not enough room for it).

    It OBVIOUSLY can’t be ran on 32 bit system and OBVIOUSLY won’t have any performance impact if you don’t even have the excess RAM that the game can use. Even if you have 8 gigs, lets say 2 are eaten away by Windows, 1 more by Chrome and 1 more by whatever. you’re left with 4 GB of available RAM which literally doesn’t mean anything because 4 GB was the limit of a 32 bit system anyway. Only those with 12+ GB will start feeling the difference.

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      Whats wrong with pvping in the south? I love to pvp in the south, Would I rather spend 30min going to NWAF and get sniped by a group of kids hiding in the trees? Heck no dude. DayZ is ment to be played however you want, there is no way to play it. play it how you like, thats the best thing about this game.

      • Profile photo of Fadez

        I mean I cant blame people for pvping in the south cause i can understand why people just wanna get in action. But I still think most people down south dont have the skill or balls to go up north. Hell I use to be in a clan where it was all coastal pvp and over half of them didn’t know the way up north or even knew the basic layout of the north, how to get from vmc to NWAF the layout of the tents, where mishkino tents were. They didn’t know anything and these kids had over 500 hours, most of them were actually around 900 – 1000.

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      If you knew anything turning down some of the setting help with seeing people. Also before you say a bunch of BS and say im a coastal pvper why dont you take a second and look at a few of my other videos. I dont pvp on the coast I hate it and think people that do it dont have the skill to go up north. So before you start to assume things do a tad bit of research. And I can tell you that you dont need 12+ GB of ram. I only have 8 and I can see and feel a difference. Also other friends with only 8 GB of ram have a difference. Also I didn’t make the video to harvest views, I actually could care less is 1 person or 1000 people would see my videos. I enjoy making them and that’s it.

  • @RMDetho Thnx for that I had no idea what it REALLY did.

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    You sound like you’re breathless throughout the entire video. Also, what’s with the horrible unnecessary music in the background?

    • Profile photo of Fadez

      I recorded this about 20 times before this one, and i kept messing up at the end so I was frustrated and wanted to get it over with. and with the music I just wanted to put something in the background so there was some life to it other than just my voice.

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    I registered on this site just so I can say I feel like you’re some neckboard who’s keyboard and mouse has greese and cheeto dust on it. Your voice brings out a seething anger in me.
    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, this video was basically informationless. Unless you have extra ram, youl notice barely any impact. And if you have 12gbs of ram, chances are you already run this game decent enough