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July 24, 2013
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Update July 20 – July 26 : DayZ Standalone news Summary

What about the end of June / July Dayz Standalone release?

Rocket : “I said we will review the situation internally, and that I expected/hoped that we will release within two months. But I also said that we will delay it until such time as it goes into alpha, there is still no release date.” (07/23/13 – source)

Rocket : “…In terms of the June date, it was only ever a review date.” (07/24/13 – source)

Rocket : This means that “…we have no set release date.” (07/22/13 – source)

Rocket : “…I’ve been asked in the past, when I “expected” it to release, and I’ve given my opinion [end of July].” (07/23/13 – source)

Is everything still on track for the internal milestone?

walt_ua : “What makes you think that you might meet that internal milestone?”

Rocket : “Because there is nothing to indicate otherwise. Contrary to what it may seem like, I don’t make up the estimates. In Scrum fashion, the estimates and method for completing work comes from those actually doing it.” (07/22/13 – source)

What is with the lack of information on the current state of the SA?

The devs have not gone through their internal review to check on the current state of affairs yet. This will happen at the end of July.

Rocket : “…I think best thing is to wait until the formal review at the end of our current sprint (milestone review). It’s not far away, and then I’ll have hard data. It’s unfair on the team for me to give out opinions on this till they have had a chance to finish their work.” (07/23/13 – source)

Rocket : “…So, we do our review of the milestone. We publish the results there[SA blog?], it either generates some hype which hopefully dovetails into a nearby release – or it puts the record straight for expectations of release.” (07/23/13 – source)

Why is there no updates of the Dev Blog?

Rocket : “Because the proper devblog would have to cover all the ground. We will do a proper devblog, but not in the middle of a milestone – because the whole time would be spent explaining the parts that aren’t fixed or working.” (07/23/13 – source)

What is holding up the SA alpha release?

Rocket : “…We are not in Alpha yet. I can’t release the alpha until we are IN alpha..” (07/21/13 – source)

Rocket : “…We haven’t gone alpha because you can’t play the game, you can’t verify the core components of the game.” (07/20/13 – source)

Rocket : “We are moving it[Server Client Communication] so that their is a bubble around each client and they only receive updates from within that bubble. This helps greatly with performance and security but is not a trivial change. It’s a very unknown quantity of work because it’s not ever been done in the engine and many different use cases have to be captured, developed, and tested to ensure it works. Without this being completed, the game can be very unstable and it’s also complex to track these down…” (07/22/13 – source)

What will the price be for the SA?

Rocket : “No decision on price has been made…” (07/22/13 – source)

Why not release to game in its current state?

Its been stated multiple times that due to the things they are working on right now they are BREAKING the game just about every update they do.

Rocket : “Because core multiplayer functionality is not working to the point large-scale testing is worthwhile. During development we have been continually identifying vulnerabilities and performance issues. Some of these are considered “blockers” and need to be solved for Alpha.” (07/23/13 – source)