Repeat After Me

In this week’s edition of “Weapons,” we get intimate with one of the oldest weapon designs in the game, an odd-man-out in the post-Soviet land of Chernarus. Its age is far from the only thing that makes this rifle special however, as its ardent fans will attest.

Joining us in the 0.50 update, nothing else before or after has been quite the same as this classic. Follow along as I talk about why this antique design is still a great choice of weapon, and learn what makes it so different from everything else in the game.

Winchester 1892

What we know simply as the “Repeater” is really a variation of the Winchester Model 1892, more specifically a modern production called the R92 made by the Brazilian company Rossi. This gun can trace its basic design all the way back to the Henry rifle design of 1860, and saw refinements through the years resulting in it being relabeled as the Model 53 and Model 65. This particular family is specifically designed to fire pistol ammunition, something historically favored as a means of sharing ammunition with a corresponding sidearm.

The name Repeater is a direct nod to the term “repeating rifle,” referring to the design being capable of sustained fire without the need to reload the gun between every shot. This is made possible by an internal magazine which can be loaded through a gate on the side of the frame. By working the lever found ahead of the trigger, a spent round is ejected, a new round is chambered, and the hammer is cocked and ready for another shot — all in one swift motion.

Pictured above is a Rossi R92, but chambered for .44 Magnum rounds that are larger than what we use in-game. It has similar wood furniture, but features a darker finish than our Repeater (which appears to be tarnished steel hardware). Modern calibers also include .357 Magnum, .44-40, and .45 Colt; the original 1892 was chambered in a number of other calibers which are no longer popular in contemporary use.


Image via user TXwaterdog.

Put 'Em Down

As demonstrated here by the fearless character Jonny Rotten, the Repeater is right at home in Chernarus knocking down zeds like bowling pins. Users must be careful to chamber a new round after each shot, but once you get the 1-2-1-2 routine of the lever action it becomes second nature.

Since the Repeater fires a relatively strong round in the form of the .357, careful shot placement will allow you to take out a whole group of the infected with a single loaded magazine of seven rounds. Larger crowds should be engaged with some high ground however, as you may find yourself reloading and don’t want to be cut down in the middle of it.

Style and Substance

Exuding the kind of charm that can only be found in older weapons, the Repeater is as much a statement of style as it is an effective killing tool. Not only is it very handsome with its cherry wood and patina’d metal, but it tells your enemies that you are not to be messed with.

Since there is nothing else like it in the game, it’s easily recognized even from a distance. You may mistake an AK74 for an AK101, but you won’t be confusing the Repeater with any other weapon.

Only the Essentials

There are few attachments compatible with this old rifle, and this is owed to a number of different things. Most importantly, this gun was designed purely to be used as-is, with no consideration for something like attachments which were uncommon at the time of its design. It’s also the only rifle which fires the .357 ammunition, meaning it has little in common with the others.

What is available are two critical pieces: the ghillie wrap and the improvised suppressor, which make sense as they are homemade and not weapon or caliber-specific. The ghillie wrap allows for talented shooters to take this classic into hiding, and the suppressor allows for one or two shots of less noticeable gunfire but very quickly needs replaced.


Some may see it as a downside, but this rifle is not for beginners. It may be frequently found in civilian locations throughout Chernarus along with its relatively common ammo, but novice players may find it challenging to utilize in combat. It is recommend that you first practice on wildlife or shoot at stationary targets to get a feel for it.

Experts, on the other hand, are known to love this gun even despite its quirks. Though it can be a challenge to use at times, this is precisely what seasoned veterans love about it. Successful use of the Repeater is brag-worthy, and brings with it a certain feeling of accomplishment.

Safe Position

Though it is a great gun in its own right, the Repeater does force you to pick your battles somewhat. Against something with automatic fire capabilities and a large capacity magazine, your odds of emerging as the victor are cut down significantly. The Repeater simply cannot compete with that kind of firepower.

With a height advantage and/or some carefully utilized cover though, the Repeater is able to fight on an even playing field and its strong rounds will take care of business. Anything you can do to put yourself in a situation to utilize careful, deliberate shots will increase your chances of being successful.

Magnum Punch

One of the Repeater’s unique traits is the ammunition it’s chambered for, and that happens to be one of its better qualities as well. Not only is the .357 Magnum a relatively powerful round, but it’s also very common in civilian areas making it easy to acquire and keeping you free of anxiety about running out of rounds.

One thing to remember is that the .357 is a pistol round, and as such not designed with long distance firing in mind. This and the lack of any options for optics somewhat discourage shooting very far out, but aim a little higher than usual, choose your shots wisely, and you may just find yourself pulling off hits that you didn’t think were even possible.

Shared by Tatanko on July 12, 2016

The twenty-first in a many-part series covering the different weapons found in DayZ Standalone.

Special thanks to Jonny Rotten (TheDethscythe) for assisting with the album.