Stary Sobor

Welcome to what is arguably the most important town in central Chernarus. Much like the ancient city of Istanbul, Stary Sobor is a hub of travel between all the various regions of the country.

The Church, Part 1

Able to be seen from quite a distance in this flat area of the countryside, Stary Sobor’s church is a landmark. It’s towering height makes it easy to see over trees, and can aid travelers in navigating to the town.

Walls o' Plenty

Gates and walls abound in Stary Sobor, possibly due to it being a wealthier town. Either way, residents apparently valued their security.

Green Areas

Even though it’s already in a very rural area, the town has included lots of public green spaces with benches and the occasional food stand.

The Church, Part 2

Many a survivor has met their end in this church one way or another. Either through bad luck in a firefight, accidental suicide, or pagan sacrifice, blood stains the walls inside this place of worship.

Medical Center

On the southern side of town, you’ll find a blue medical building all by its lonesome.

Tread Carefully

Head to the northern end, and you’ll find the Evacuation Camp. Be very careful when entering this area, as its loot is prized over everything else in town.

Tents & Trucks & Tents & Trucks

A handful of tents and a handful of trucks can be found at the evacuation site. This would have been a staging area for assisting civilians in getting out of the country and away from the infected.

Parking Lot

As you leave town to the east, you’ll find this lot full of ruined vehicles. They are an unexpectedly good source of well-preserved loot.

I Give it a 4/10

This poor fellow was a bit hasty with his parking job.

An Icon

This red metal barn can be seen from neighboring Novy Sobor and is a landmark much like the church.

Road Between Sobors, Part 1

If you’re coming from Novy Sobor, let the big red barn guide you to the next town.

Road Between Sobors, Part 2

When going from Stary to Novy, enjoy the tree-lined road and look for the golden caps of the church in Novy.

Novy Sobor

Seen from the east, this town looks a lot smaller than it really is.

Farmer's Palace

Enter the town from the north, and you’ll see the farmer’s home at the edge of the large farm complex.

Only a Few

Housing is in limited supply in Novy Sobor, with much of the small town being taken up by farm buildings and public places.


It’s hard to imagine that this place wasn’t at least a little creepy even before the infection collapsed society.

Country Store

Mostly serving the church crowd, this general store is perhaps the most “country” looking of all of them, boasting its own scarecrow out front.

On the Highway

Looking west to Stary Sobor, this exact view has been seen by every survivor at some point or another.


To the north of Novy Sobor lies a large junkyard, mostly full of old pickup trucks. At some point this may be a useful area again.


For now, this place is mostly just an ugly collection of refuse.


It would be criminal not to take a moment and enjoy the rolling hills and spots of forest in the area surrounding the Sobors.

A Monument

For now, we leave off at the site of the former Grass Pyramid.

Shared by Tatanko on August 18, 2015

The fifth in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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