Welcome to the East Coast town of Solnichniy, whose name appropriately means “sunny.” Time seems to have stood still here after the outbreak, with everything appearing as a kind of snapshot of the moment when it was all abandoned.

Quiet Streets

People here lived mostly in simple, single-story homes and likely had a very short commute to the nearby quarry or docks.

Signs of the Apocalypse

The grass here is getting very tall, and the mail stopped being delivered a long time ago.

Connection to the Sea

Like most other coastal towns, Solnichniy has its own dock. It is unlikely they exported anything by boat, but the town still would have needed to get supplies from elsewhere somehow.

Double Vision

No, your eyes aren’t playing a trick on you — there really are two general store buildings in Solnichniy on the same block. Rival businesses, perhaps?


Nestled against the hills that separate it from Three Valleys, this town is small in size but was large in importance to the economy of Chernarus thanks to the quarry you’ll find in the southwest corner. The heavy equipment still looks ready to begin work.

Bigger Than You Think

When viewed from the very top of the quarry, you become aware that the town isn’t as small as it seems. It covers a nice stretch of coast, especially if you include the factory to the north.

Rush Hour

Hundreds if not thousands of cars probably drove over this bridge on a daily basis. Now, metal bridges like this are left to rust into oblivion.

Top Her Off

If you don’t stop for fuel here on your way north, your next opportunities will be considerably more risky.

Emergency Room

Lucky for residents of Solnichniy, there is a medical center right up the road. These days, you’d be lucky to find much there — you may be more likely to run into a bandit than a bottle of painkillers.


Way up north along the main highway, between the cities of Severograd and Novaya Petrovka, is the scattered village of Zaprudnoe.


The draw for residents of this town surely must have been personal space. Every property here seems to have a huge yard, and most homes have their own gardens as well.

Lumber Mill

With huge swaths of forest around the town, it’s only natural that lumber would be big business here. The lumber yard in Zaprudnoe is one of the largest of such facilities, bested only by the massive complex in Berezino.

Company Farm

Across the street from the lumber mill is one of the largest farms you’ll find in the north. A big, two-story house for the owners stands in stark contrast to the civilian barracks where workers would have resided.

Teardrop Lake

As the title suggests, the lake that can be found in Zaprudnoe is shaped exactly like a teardrop. This is likely where residents of the town filtered their water from, and it’s not a bad place to kick back and do some fishing, too.


Next to the lake is a tower which can be seen from quite a distance. Use it to guide you to Zaprudnoe.

Ashes and Rubble

Behind the lake, you’ll find a few destroyed buildings that may have once been homes or businesses. It’s hard to tell exactly what was here, but the parking lot full of pallets and pickup trucks should provide some clues.

One of Many

Unlike the East Coast, the northern highway is littered with gas stations. It might be a little safer to stop at this one compared to others, if only because you have a good view of the surrounding area to spot threats.

Picturesque North

The best way to enjoy Zaprudnoe is to stand back and appreciate the wide open space, as well as the beauty of the landscape itself. In almost every direction there are rolling fields, except to the north where you’ll see steep, forested hills.

That's All, Folks

This concludes the “Towns of Chernarus” series for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed journeying across the country with me. Stayed tuned for future installments, and get excited for the next series: The Landmarks of Chernarus.

Shared by Tatanko on September 15, 2015

The ninth in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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