Chernaya Polana

High up on the hill overlooking Novodmitrovsk, the triangle-shaped town of Chernaya Polana has a little bit of everything (almost). It offers all of the essentials for survivors, but is still often picked over due to its proximity to the coast.

Where Am I?

It can be difficult to communicate your position within the town to members of your group due to the confusing and repetitious layout. As such, the fire station is often used as a point of reference.

Log Cabin Pub

Chernaya Polana is full of places to get a drink. Residents of this town knew how to keep their priorities in check; unfortunately it is doubtful that it helped them after the outbreak.

Sneaky Industry

There are pipes running all over Chernaya Polana, but it’s hard to tell what they might have been for. There aren’t a lot of industrial buildings, so it seems as though this town may have just been the unfortunate recipient of a pipeline running to Novodmitrovsk.

Relative Haven

There is a military presence in this town, but it seems to have actually had a positive impact in this case unlike most other locations. Chernaya Polana is in very good condition, with all of its buildings intact and pristine landscape. Since it is on a higher elevation, perhaps it was given special attention after the outbreak as a safe haven.

Tallest in Town

Your best views of Chernaya Polana will come from the top of the fire station here. It is the tallest building in town, and is often a first stop for survivors heading inland who are desperate for clothing or need a good melee weapon.

This location may have been co-opted by the military during the outbreak, judging by the vehicles and watch tower out front.

Garden of Eden

The area here is full of fruit-producing trees, and it cannot be stressed enough just how untouched and perfect everything here feels. If you cleaned up the vehicle wrecks, it would be like the outbreak never happened… minus the complete lack of people, of course.

Easy to Miss

Most people seem to overlook this quaint little pond on the northern side of town, past all the buildings. Don’t miss it on your way down the hill to Novo, as it is a good place to cool off for fill up water bottles (if you have purification tablets). This is, sadly, the only place you’ll find water in Chernaya Polana as it weirdly does not contain a water pump.

Odds 'n' Ends

Coming into town from the east (i.e. Svetlojarsk), you’ll come upon the junkyard for this town. It’s mostly full of military vehicles for some reason, which further supports the idea that there was a special effort made to keep this place in good condition even after the outbreak.


Though it may not be the farthest to the west (that honor goes to Sinistok), the town of Kamenka is the farthest west along the main highway and it’s the last town you’ll come across if you travel along the southern coast.

Those Aren't Sharks...

Just off the coast of Kamenka and its neighbor Komarovo is Prison Island. The residents here didn’t seem to mind the presence of the facility nearby, as evidenced by a lack of any extra security here. They must have figured the iron bars and cold water would keep them safe from malevolent prisoners.


Kamenka must have been an awesome place to live before the outbreak. It was relatively out of the way, it has beautiful scenery, and amenities like this General Store meant that you probably wouldn’t have needed to go into the city very often.

Final Dock

As the final place to dock along the southern coast, Kamenka likely saw some traffic from seafaring Chernarussians and visitors from outside the country. There is a city to the west, however…

Outside Chernarus

One of a handful of signs you’ll see in Chernarus referencing places outside the boundaries of the map. This sign says that 5km to our left is the city of Miroslavl.

Bus Service

It’s hard to believe, but at one point a bus route went the whole way west to Kamenka. Perhaps that will be the case again someday soon. In the distance, another sign can be seen directing travelers to the right for the beach.

Last Stop

If you leave town to the west, there is one last location past Kamenka: the area of Bay Tikhaya. Here you will find a rest station with both a gas station and a supermarket. Many survivors are surprised to continue this far west and still find evidence of civilization, but the station is in remarkably good shape.

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The eighth in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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