If you had never come across this town before, you would think it was nothing more than a quiet little village. You would be wrong.


Your first clue that something is off here comes in the form of roadblocks and wrecked vehicles the whole way into town.

Kvass Pong Table

Made famous in a Reddit post by u/BoeJenjamin, this lone table was left behind when the military camp here was relocated to the outskirts of Myshkino. Come see it and play a game of kvass pong before it’s gone!

Balota Airstrip

Were it not for this military airfield, Balota might otherwise be just another town in Chernarus.

Site of Conflict

This airstrip is one of the more degraded facilities left in Chernarus, thanks in no part to what appears to have been a huge conflict here. Many buildings have been bombed out, including former barracks.

Restricted Access

Prior to the end of things, access to the airstrip was tightly controlled.

What's Left

All in one scene, it is possible to see both the beauty of what was before, and the destruction of what is now.

Just Like Any Other

The town of Balota itself is quiet and almost entirely residential. Except for some barns and a couple of buildings at the docks, the entire town is small homes.

Down By the Water

Since it is a smaller town, Balota doesn’t need a large dock area like some cities. Access by water is still needed for the nearby military facility, though.

Hermit Shack

One of the most photographed spots in Balota is this little fishing shack in the swamps to the southwest.

The Fields

Leaving town to the west and northwest, you’re met with an expanse of farmland. This area is somehow gorgeous and untouched despite the ruination of the nearby airstrip.


Though not as jam-packed with buildings as its neighbors Chapaevsk and Dubky, this town strikes a balance between modern high-rises and traditional houses.

Keeping It Green

More than its neighbors, Novoselky has plenty of green grass and trees to help its residents breathe.

Big View

Leaving town in either direction, you’ve got expanses of fields separating you from other nearby places and a great view of the hillside that makes up the greater Chernogorsk area.


Novoselky is unique among the three living areas around Chernogorsk in that it has just as many (if not more) small homes as it does large apartment buildings.

Just a Town

From this vantage point, you’d never know you were in an area with high-rise apartments.


Right in the middle of the apartment buildings, you’ll find some sandboxes and playground equipment for children.

Tight Space

This town may be more biased towards small houses than its neighbors, but there are still plenty of places to feel claustrophobic if you have a look around.

Just Here to Live

Other than a few sheds and garages, you won’t see many places here where work gets done. The only real business is a supermarket at the very northern edge of town that served the residents here.

No Dumping!

According to a translation by DayZTV user Rustycaddy, this sign reads: “Dumping garbage is prohibited.”

As you can see, no one followed the rules here.

Shared by Tatanko on July 7, 2015

The first in a nine part photographic series about the smaller towns of Chernarus.

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