Siamese Twins

Though it might seem like one big island, Prison Island as we know it is actually two smaller islands connected by a bridge. The end result is one large facility engrossing the entire area, with equal parts incarceration, military, and industrial presence.

Beautiful as it may seem from a distance, this place was probably the last view of the outside many of its prisoners ever got.


Viewed from the side that faces the sea, all parts of the prison are visible: the main complex, the yards, the military offices, and the barracks buildings. Despite the bridge having openings in it, you would not be able to navigate through the two halves of Prison Island by water.

The Outside

Across the bridge from the main prison building is this open yard. Here you’ll find the barracks and a few other industrial buildings, along with a large cement pad presumably useful for just about anything — maybe even a helipad.

Heavy Defense

Treated with the same level of care as a military facility, the bridge connecting the two halves of the island is under the watch of several towers and guard posts. Much care was taken to separate the area where prisoners are held from everything else.

Dungeon Fortress

The view as a visitor approaching the prison is downright foreboding. All traffic has to funnel through one tight, highly-defensible corridor that leads into the main courtyard.

Old World Architecture

It’s obvious the prison isn’t a modern facility, but even for as old as it is, the building is not in good shape. The staff here would have been wise to check regularly for structural deficiencies that might allow an escape. Still, it is a beautiful building.

Discouraging View

Looking out the window of their cell, this is the scene that would have been in front of many prisoners. It likely helped deter any notions of breaking out.

Rusty Iron

Metal bars adorn every single window of the prison, even the offices. A prisoner might have made their way somewhere they shouldn’t have, but they weren’t likely getting out. Even now it makes you feel claustrophobic.

Cracked Walls and Broken Lives

The paint faded and cracked a long time ago, but all things considered the place could be in worse shape. The light shining through the bars strains to make it into the building.

Cold Concrete

Probably no more than five square meters, this cell is representative of the typical living quarters of a prisoner here. Some rooms are larger but contain two bunks, and others are thrown in wherever they will fit.

View From Above

No prisoner would have ever seen the jail from this perspective. Behind the main prison building we see the field house.

Prison Yard

Down in the yard, there is some grassy area where prisoners could exercise or do other activities. A loudspeaker in the middle would have had a direct link to the warden’s office most likely.

Free Space

Behind the field house there is another open area, mostly just dirt and grass. A utility building and military-style barracks are tucked into a corner together, making it possible that this yard was for the use of employees rather than prisoners… but who knows.

No Good Days

Even on a bright, sunny afternoon, the hallways of this place are gloomy and hope seems like it would have suffocated. The checkered floor tiles and bright yellow paint are almost taunting.

Ghost on the Horizon

Chernarussians living in the southwest would have seen this island every day of their lives — a dark figure in the background of their scene. In the time since the outbreak, it has only grown even father into disrepair and chaos as bandit groups occupy it’s haunted halls. The myth of this place is not over yet, and it will only become darker with time.

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The third in a seven part series about the noteworthy places in Chernarus.

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