Chernarus International Airfield

The Chernarus International Airfield, better known as the “Northwest Airfield” or “NWAF” for short, is something of a mecca for survivors in Chernarus. It is generally the best fixed location for getting higher-end gear of the military variety, with only the randomly located helicopter crashes being more desirable.

What started as a small airstrip for parachute training evolved over time into the massive complex you see today under the ownership of the Red Army. Control of the airfield would eventually transfer over to the Chernarussian Army.

Horizon Line

At ground level, you cannot see from end-to-end. The facility is so large that it falls out of your range of vision. Here, we are only seeing about half of the runway and even less of the overall airfield.


If you make your way into the airfield through the most common entrance — to the south, from Vybor — you will pass a roadblock checkpoint. It is unknown if these were installed prior to the outbreak, but they likely weren’t very effective against the infected.

Low Flying Aircraft

Past the checkpoint, you’ll reach the outer wall. At this particular entrance, you’ll see a sign warning you of airplane activity in the area.

Personnel Quarters

Just inside the wall at the southeastern end of the facility are the sleeping quarters for some of the soldiers and pilots stationed here. You can also find one of two prison buildings here, as well as the only water pump within the main part of the airfield.

Emergency Services

Near the middle of the runway is the fire station. Every airport needs a way to deal with emergency situations like a fire, but this place is so massive that it warrants its own full-fledged fire department.

To the left is the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower, the central hub for all activity at the airfield.

Additional Quarters

A second set of living quarters is hidden behind the fire station. This lane is also another way of coming in and out of the facility.

Tidy in the Apocalypse

Soldiers are known for their cleanliness because it is expected of them, but these barracks are surprisingly neat considering the current situation.

Empty Hangars

The buildings may be empty now, but this base had the capability of storing and deploying quite a force of aircraft in many different sizes.

Western End

At the other end of the runway, we find even more hangars and another prison. Prominent in this shot is some of the remaining runway lighting equipment. It has been speculated that these lights remain functional thanks to a self-sustaining solar power setup due to the importance of their job.

So Much Room for Activities

There’s no way of closing off the entrance completely, so the empty hangars aren’t particularly useful as a shelter for survivors. It would be a good place to have a gathering in rainy weather however, as you’d have all the room you could possibly need.


These few buildings are found opposite the prison and hangars at the western end. They seem perpetually stuck in the shadows due to being surrounded by trees. It can’t be known what role these buildings played, being an odd mix of half living quarters and half storage space.

Dividing Fence

Keep going past the end of the runway and you’ll reach the encampment here. It has its own intermittent barbed wire fencing for protection, and the whole thing lies within the main walls of the airfield.

Town of Tents

A fairly large group of tents makes up this area — primarily living quarters, but also medical tents and officer’s barracks. Some of the tents sport specialized setups like radio towers. Here we see some broken down vehicles as well as the luxurious portable toilets soldiers would have used.


There were probably explosives left in these boxes after the outbreak, but who knows where they are anymore. You’ll find curiosities like this all over the encampment.

Outdoor Classroom

At these tables, soldiers would have sat through instruction on a wide range of subjects like combat, parachuting, and weapon cleaning.

Gate to the West

Make your way to the back of the military camp, and you’ll reach the outer wall of the airfield at the far end. Exit through this gate and head into the woods for one more area.


As you exit the security of the airfield’s outer wall, you may occasionally find a downed helicopter outside.


The hill to the northwest of the main airfield complex is known as Bashnya, and likewise so is its small facility.

On the Hill

An auxiliary complex of the airfield, it’s not known exactly what purpose this place served but it seems like it would have been fairly self-sufficient so it is possible that it was intended for senior leadership. It boasts its own strong wall rather than needing to be housed within the airfield’s secure area.

Everything in One Place

You’ll find a standard prison facility and the airfield’s only other water pump here in addition to a small apple orchard. Quite the amenities for such a small facility.

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