The Hill Figure

Found in the northeast part of the map between Chernaya Polana and the Krasnostav Airstrip (coords. 126 022), the Hill Figure is an homage to the Cerne Abbas Giant, a massive ground “drawing” in Dorset, England. There is on key difference between the real thing and this in-game representation however: a giant erect penis. No, really — see for yourself:

*Image edited by @EvolvingEdits.

Ground Level

It’s nearly impossible to see the Giant from on the ground, but if you travel to the site you can get a glimpse of the chalk outline. There are few vantage points which offer a decent view of the Giant sadly, so taking a look at a map is about the closest you’ll get.

In Memoriam

Ever been wandering around the fields of central Chernarus and stumbled upon this disc of concrete in the middle of nowhere? Allow me to explain: this is a memorial to a lesser-known landmark from early in the days of the Standalone.

A Message

On the sign is a message that reads, roughly:

Up until 23.04.2014, on this place stood a terrain glitch – Pyramid. – Senchi

Oh, Noble Hill

You’ll probably never see it again, so photos are all we have left of this once mysterious place. This image gives you an idea of what it was like to stumble upon the terrain glitch in your travels.

*Image edited by @EvolvingEdits.

Stand Tall

A very old image of a dear friend keeping watch over the area at sunset a very long time ago. The little hill afforded you an excellent view of the entire area, from Novy Sobor in the east to Kabanino in the west. You could probably see all the way to Vybor were it not for the rolling hills.

*Image edited by @EvolvingEdits.


Once the site of a village, the name Kumyrna translates to “Joss House” meaning “Chinese temple.” The history of this place is very sketchy, but the entire town was bombed and burnt to the ground at some point, likely in the pre-outbreak conflict between the ChZDk and CDF (and prior to the arrival of the USMC).

You will find this former town just south of Guglovo towards the middle of the map.

Burned Out

Everything here is completely destroyed, from the church down to the fences that separated properties. This bombed-out church is probably the most memorable element of the town, and is sure to grab your attention even from a distance.

Town Unknown

It’s not difficult to imagine what life must have been like here before this place was destroyed; it was probably quiet and beautiful. Judging by the town’s name and the fact that the church is so prominent, one could guess that the focus of its residents was to practice their religion.

What Once Was

Picture brightly-colored houses with happy families, children playing in the yard. This poor town…

Destroyed Community

This is one of the better-preserved buildings, possibly in part due to the protection of the surrounding wall. Desperate travelers could probably seek shelter here if they built a fire to keep warm.


Along the road leaving the town to the east, you’ll see a “National Park Zagoria” sign across the street from one of the burned-out houses. Curiously, this old village is designated as a protected natural area rather than a historical site (which would read “ИСТОРИЧЕСКИЙ ПАМЯТНИК”).

End to End

The more you look at it, the more you want to know what happened here. This place makes your mind wander.

A static Mi-8 helicopter crash site located in the east side of Kumyrna was removed at one point to facilitate dynamic vehicle crash sites throughout the map. Prior to its removal, the wreckage provided an additional clue to what may have happened at this place. The site spawned military loot very early on, and military zombies could be found here as well, making the former town quite lucrative as it usually went untouched by travelers.

The presence of all of these military elements suggests that Kumyrna may have been an innocent casualty during a conflict.

Beautiful Ruins

There is an almost surreal beauty about this place despite its mysterious and chaotic past.

Lost Souls

Without any real record, it’s hard to know whether this graveyard was created before or after the events that destroyed this town.


As nature continues to take this place for itself, time will eventually forget this village. Enjoy it and document it now while you still can.

A Different Time

Harking back to a simpler era in Chernarus, the silhouette of a church tower over the hill will remain the image most people carry of Kumyrna.

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The second in a seven part series about the noteworthy places in Chernarus.

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