Translation: “Alcohol!? No, I’d rather read this book!”

Beach Ad

Translation: “MALDEN – Come to us!”

Beer Ad

Translation: “Thirsty Sweet Tooth — IMPORTED SLOVAK BEER * SINCE 1999”

This beer is a reference to a real Slovak beer named Smädný mních (Thirsty Monk).

Cigarette Ad

Translation: “Černomorky! Always her! — GERNOMORKANAL”

Reference to the Belomorkanal brand of cigarettes.

Escape from Kolgujev

Translation: “Premier – Ranger Cinema – August 8th 2009 at 6:30pm”

Mentions fake companies/brands at the bottom including: Miromax (Miramax), HPO (HBO), Fujyfilm (Fujifilm), and Dolpy Digital (Dolby Digital)

Has the following fake cast: Boris Ebul, Ray Moneypenny, Joe Hlad, Grigori Martinez with direction and a special appearance by Andrew Shatterhand



Florist Ad

Translation: “Flowers and Gardening Tools”

“Cibulka” means “bulb” (like a plant).

Kids With Ice Cream

Translation: “Ice Cream of the Future”

This slogan is possibly a play on the same slogan used by American ice cream company Dippin’ Dots.

Megakoncert '02

Translation: “Nestor nogovského (?) pop plays his greatest hits! — August 8th, 2009 at 7:00pm – FACTORY CLUB TEZ CHERNOGORSK – FACTORY CLUB TEC CHERNOGORSK”

Pizza Presto

The billboard says “www.pizzapresto.cs” at the bottom, referencing the actual website for an actual restaurant in Mníšek pod Brdy in the Czech Republic (

The .cs extension is meant to imply Chernarus, but was once used for Czechoslovakia prior to the dissolution of that country.

Political Ad #1

Translation: “Everything we do, we do for you. — Alexander Baranov — Party Elects New Order (Elect the New Order Party)”

Political Ad #2


Recruitment Ad

Translation: “Save Your Homeland — ( Protect your ground! ) — Armed Forces [of] Chernarus — ( Chernarusian Armed Forces)”


Translation: “Sahrani – Paradise just a flight away…”

Soda Ad

Spirits Ad #1

Translation: “Liquor Bardak (?) [FUCKUP Liquor] — Clean Your Pipes — (BARDAK (?))”

Spirits Ad #2

Translation: “Traditional Chernarusskya vodka. — From alcohol plant – Bardak and sons.”

Toilet Paper Ad

Translation: “ARMASAN — toilet paper — solid and traditional”

This ad is a reference to the real Slovak brand of toilet paper, Harmasan.

Tractor Ad

Translation: “TOZER – SEEDER FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM — 76 Liberty Street – Elektrozavodsk – tel/fax: 578944325 — www.nove-stroje.cs”

Woman With Frying Pan

Translation: “Aluminum cookware for every household!”

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