Welcome to Zelenogorsk!

Perhaps more so than any other city in Chernarus, Zelenogorsk is very residential. It has perhaps the fewest number of tall buildings, making it more of a really large town than a city.

Little Houses

In Zelenogorsk, everyone apparently appreciated personal space. The houses are all separated by ample grassy yards, and there is very little in the way of tenements — everything is more personal here.


Many homes here have their own gardens, the city is surrounded by farms, and on the western side there is a massive orchard similar to Berezino’s.

Northern End

Acting as a cornerstone to the north end of the city, even the roads are built around this church.

Pedestrian City

There are many crosswalks on the roads of the city, which indicates that walking was probably a popular way of getting around here.

Putting Up Fences

As mentioned earlier, the population of Zelenogorsk seemed to value its privacy and personal space.

Southern End

The south side is the only area really resembling a traditional city, with a few multi-story buildings packed tightly together near the edge of town.

Food Stands

Another city-like aspect of this oversized town is roadside food. There are several permanent stands established here in the center of the city.

City Steps

Much like many of the towns in western Chernarus, Zelenogorsk is built on a slope. As a result, its layout is stepped and requires staircases to get you from level to level.

Straight and Narrow

Zelenogorsk is arranged in a long and straight formation of buildings, and it is possible to see nearly end to end from certain vantage points.

Military Presence

Although Pavlovo and other cities may have nearby military installations, only Zelenogorsk actually houses a base. One can imagine that this may have made residents here feel safer — or maybe it had the opposite effect.

The Base

Consisting of a prison/headquarters, two barracks, and a handful of support buildings, the military facility here is far from being the largest. It did house quite a few vehicles, however.

Green Mountain Tower

It would be impossible to showcase Zelenogorsk without pointing out the tower that looms in the distance no matter where you are: Green Mountain.

Shared by Tatanko on June 15, 2015

The eighth in an eight part photographic series about the urban centers of Chernarus.

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