Welcome to Severograd!

Translated from Russian, the name means “North City” — how fitting considering it’s size and location. The greater Severograd area includes a high school, a quarry, a summer camp, and three suburbs: Gvozdno, Mamino, and Troitskoe.

School's Out for the... Apocalypse?

Here we see the high school on the eastern end of the city.

On Heights

There are many spots in the city where a better view can be had by scaling a very tall building, or a certain piece of construction equipment.

Apartment Block

The city does include a few apartment buildings, but very few compared to even it’s smaller northern neighbor Novaya Petrovka.

The Bridge

A two-lane bridge dominates the entrance to town.

Always Present

Nearly everywhere you go, you’ll see that crane hanging out in the background.

One Giant Parking Lot

Second maybe only to Novodmitrovsk, this city has many, many parked or wrecked cars.

Still There

Then there’s that tower, just looming over you…

War Memorial

In the middle of the city there is a war memorial dedicated to the fallen from World War II — or as many ex-Soviet nations call it: “The Great Patriotic War.”

Built for Traffic

In its heyday, the city was designed to handle a ton of traffic with this 4-lane main strip through the center of town.

City of Commerce

Severograd is probably the least industrial of all of the cities in Chernarus. It has a great many office buildings and very little in the way of manufacturing or warehouses.

Watching You

The crane looms over all.

One of a Few Exceptions

Though it may be a city of 9-5 desk jobs, this workshop at the western end of the city is one notable exception to the rule.

The Fire Station

In one regard, Severograd beats the infrastructure of its bigger brother Novo: it has its own fire department.

The Quarry

Though it may not be the only quarry in Chernarus, it is by far the largest. There is equipment scattered about here from when it was in operation, and a dirty water pool at the very bottom.


Hopefully your tour of Severograd was pleasant. Enjoy the view from Troitskoe…

Shared by Tatanko on June 2, 2015

The sixth in an eight part photographic series about the urban centers of Chernarus.

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