Shared by DazedCanadian on August 6, 2014

Last week, DayZ version 0.47 was pushed to stable branch servers. As mentioned before, this version and its accompanying build included fairly comprehensive changes to how the DayZ server operates, as well as a good deal of gameplay mechanics adjustments and additions. Work continued this week on addressing issues within this version/build for the hot fix intended to deploy to stable branch in the early weeks of August.
Currently the target for this hot fix (0.48) is regular maintenance within the second week of the month. (Wednesday, August 13th). The hot fix is intended to address issues with melee combat, container contents, global voice manipulation, some camera clipping issues, as well as what we’re sure many survivors are excited for, persistent containers and items.

In addition, work continues on version 0.49 – our August update. Within this report, Peter our Lead Designer will be speaking on some of the design targets for this version – which include horticulture. (See below)
Over the next few weeks we will be working with our game server provider partners to begin the final steps required for the central hive, and their respective back ends to support renting private shards of the DayZ central hive, which will enable dedicated communities to create their own private DayZ worlds.

It is important to understand what private shards entail for DayZ, and why they are different from “private hives” so well known from the Arma 2 mod.

Password protect the server
Operate a white list (using BEC)
Ban/Kick trouble makers
Define and enforce server gameplay rules (eg: DayZRP, PvE only, etc)
Can not:
Access or modify the base game configuration (amount of loot, amount of dynamic server events, vehicles (when they are implemented), etc)
Violate the naming convention declared in the hosting rules (these will be updated to reflect the new private shard capabilities)
Have access to the database itself
Operate any 3rd party “Admin tools” aside from the approved BEC (BattlEye Extended Controls)
Access debug logs (currently these are unavailable for both user privacy, and performance)
Exceed current maximum player limits per instance (40, as of the time of the writing of this status report)
We hope that in addition to the thousands of public hive game servers, these private shards (marked by the “Private” flag in the server browser) will empower strong DayZ communities to grow and strengthen their groups.
More information on Private Shards will come as we get closer to this feature going live with our game server partners.

Peter / Lead Designer
“We have recently added swine in game to expand the domestic animals present in Chernarus, and work continues on the next batch of animals. As well some other new items and weapons from our great artists were added like the new bandana, modular SMERSH vest (consisting of vest and buttpack) and the CR 527.

Apart from that we started initial work on a new big feature known as horticulture. This will serve as complement to hunting and scavenging – to provide much needed food to be able to survive in the hostile environment of Chernarus. You will be able to till your garden, plant seeds, care for said plants, harvest their crop and use some of the byproduct for crafting.

We all know that one of the most unpleasant things in DayZ right now is the melee system. Problems with melee can be divided into two separate issues – collision shapes and hit detection. Until recently the melee system was prototyped in script and it introduced a nice hit detection mechanic during the swing where a trace is cast directly from the weapon, however this solution is suffering from desync and lags in the multiplayer environment. Now the melee system is being redone within the engine itself so we will expand upon it and hopefully find the most ideal solution on how to retain hit detection during swing in game but the task will take some time.

Anyway don’t worry as I have good news for all you lovers of short range weapons and the stealth approach. To bridge the gap until the new system is ready, we have turned off swing hit detection and put straightforward cursor detection in for the interim. Together with adjusted collision shapes it results in a usable melee system for our purposes. While you will not be able to block your firefighter axe swing on a wall, you will at least hit what you are aiming for and that is what counts.

I’m glad you can finally enjoy some good brawling so watch out… and see you in Chernarus folks!”

Viktor / Lead Animator
“We have successfully finished all rifle aimed moves. There is now a new animation when sprinting (Shift+W) with gun raised. This should better indicate to other players (and player itself) if the character is in lowered or raised stance. As well there is a new way of running for restrained player. The restrained players could only walk until now, but we have added faster animations so now you can use Shift+W and try to run away. We will continue on the restrained player for the next week.

At the same time we will start work on throwing since the animations in game right now are just placeholders. This will be a priority for us to replace them with proper (and nice) throwing.”

Raist / Senior Programmer
“One of the difficulties dealing with huge maps populated by thousands of items, is that players literally sooner or later find it all, collect it all, and leave the streets littered with trash again and again.

In certain cases intentionally, in others, accidentally. Some items may even remain located somewhere in the woods and to never be found out by anyone, forever.

The first iteration of our cleanup system is quite simple, it adds to all player owned and dropped items a lifetime. The lifetime is observed by the server, and once the item reaches the lifetime cap, it is deleted and brand new loot can be respawned elsewhere in the map.

This affects only loot already manipulated by players, items you drop or throw on ground. Important containers like tents and the content persists (is protected from item lifetime).

Our final goal is a little bit more complex, the future system will count with item state (If item is worn or pristine (etc)) as well as probability of disappearance (meat placed on ground will probably dissolve sooner than can of soda).

Also players won’t have the opportunity to observe the removal of the item itself. Once complete this system will become part of the central loot economy, dynamically tweaked on demand by data we’ll get during analysis-phase.

So far? Don’t wanna lose your gear? Place it inside tent!”

Mark / World Designer
“We’ve been busy continuing development of the north expansion. The Northwest has received some love and will continue. Two small villages west of the NW airfield are complete and will be released in the near future (Vavilovo and Sinystok). The other towns east of these are under continued development.

Work has also begun in the center large town “Severograd”. Some unique content for this town is being discussed as to stand out from the other large towns.

Food stands that were implemented in newer towns are being added to most towns across the map. This will hopefully add some loot possibilities for those smaller villages where loot is rare.”

Standup notes for the week of 04 August 2014

Camera clipping/collision
Cleanup system
Persistent items
Persistent storage
Network optimizations
Restricting access to chat when incapacitated


Raised rifle (aimed) movements
Restrained walking
Restrained running
Animations to support fishing system
Two handed throwing animations
Animations to support digging for worms
Camera clipping


Ambient SFX improvements
CR 527 Sounds
Weapon SFX level/volume balancing
Sound work to support new animals
Sound work to support upcoming player animations


Creation of Severograd
Food Stand placement across map
Creation of Vavilovo
Creation of Sinystok
Continued development on villages across the Northern regions


General bugfixing
Implementation and scripts for new clothing types
Configuration and implementation of new animals (pig)
Internal documentation of new assets
Feature team meetings on alternative food sources
Mechanics design
Configuration and scripting for improvised rabbit trap
Whiteboarding and design documentation on horticulture systems
Continuing rearranging of loot tables and spawning mechanics