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    looks better…Hopefully they are adding what the game was missed…Mean That apocalypse atmosphere…Keep on to good work Devs…WE need Moreeeeeeeeee!!!

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    now the big fps problem is solved. there are still many hackers, but they already did a lot against hacking in dayz. of course we will see much more content and map changes, but i think what´s still missing is the atmosphere. we need more zombies and more blood and destruction everywhere and more events like crashsites. but its just a matter of time, when dayz becomes one of the best games out there. the devs are doing a nice job. keep it up m8s u got this!

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    I would like to see more mass graves around big cities with body bags lying around and also flies flying around them. Also a nice buzzing sound around the graves would be cool. If possible, a nice detail would be that you could see white maggots crawling on the corpses 😉

    Oh yeah and also maybe you could catch some sort of a disease if you hang around the corpses for too long without protective gear

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    Yeah, not only are hackers more present, the f’ing c’nt swimmers found a way to get back in. i was killed by one, admitting now that i did not see him, but heard the swim noise, and i have a couple eyewitnesses who actual saw them, so this sucks big time. Stay away from the main more popular servers like Bambiland, RAW recruits, Pimpsy’s loot mania etc, cause the f’ers are doing just bad shit there.
    Sorry, should’ve asked if all the body dumping sites are improved, like at the airfields etc. They should actually changed Skalisty Island into a mass grave island where they tried to get rid of the infected, with supreme loot on the island to collect. Would make for an interesting swim and some great game play on the island. They should also add a helipad or two on that island so it could be used more frequent

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      Do you like complaining? Yes there are a LOT of useless items, like pens and books. But You need to understand that their major priority before beta is getting all of the items/buildings/vehicles/food/animals/RENDERER in the game and functionality. Then they will work on tuning everything to perfection.