• No. It’s a subliminal message … if u look closer u see
    it is an asshole (rosebutt) if u look really close, u see …

    T H E H E M L E T :

    he stands for :

    -that bohemia crawls in the asses of costumers, lures them with promise, bait them to get at their money !!!

    -that the players in the course of time stick their head in bohemias asses because they wear the helmets while they are playing

    T H E B O O T S :

    they stands for :

    -the looooong, neverending way of development,
    -all the waste of time wandering inside Chernarus+
    -the developer stamps on the opinions from the community
    -kicking Dean Hall, the spiritual father of dayz out of development
    -the brown color of them, for shit on u and the community

    T H E S H O V E L S :

    they stands for :

    -shovel in more money from clueless buyers
    -the developer bury the hopes of the players
    -dayz developer shovel the own grave of DayZ
    -the number of shovels stands for the times that you have to die by glitches
    to recognize that dayz is a pain in the ass to play like a gaycouple bite each other’s asshole

    I L L U M I N A T I C O N F I R M E D

    Recognize the signs, before it is too late and u are 80+ and still hope DayZ is getting better or development is done

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    is so many like this then you should quit the game and go play something else

    • YEAH, i do so ^^ some games that are playable … i was such a fan of this game, whenever someone had said something against it I have always defended it, but im fedup ! maybe when its done i take a look again so maybe 2020 + mods it is the game how it should be