Expedition to Pimpleopheles Island & Nick's Hole

The Doctor continues on a survival and discovery expedition northeast into the DayZ .60 debug plains.

Preparing at Base Camp.

My previous journeys have taken me far southeast out to sea to Debug Island (or Schadenfreude Island) http://imgur.com/a/5gChX and then well into the procedurally-generated debug plains northeast beyond Svetlo and Bereziki — well off the player map http://imgur.com/a/VEp8O. The goal of the mission is to explore and experience extreme player vs environment challenges. To go further.


After journeying back to ‘civilization’ from my expedition to Big Kahuna Island (almost died of dehydration twice on that one), I heal up and prepare final loot for my longer journey north. Key items this time include lots of fishing gear (fish traps of both kinds and a proper fishing rod), farming equipment, and as many logs, sticks, and bandages as I can cram into a bunch of cooking pots, which are also useful for storing plenty of fresh water. Firewood is nonexistent in the debug areas, so as usual, you can only burn what you carry.

One Last Look.

My base camp far in the northeast. The last trees and buildings I’ll see for a long time.

My Old Friend.

After several failed and successful journeys into the debug plain harshness, I’ve become accustomed to the lonely alien landscape.

Harsh Realm.

Max protective gear to protect against extreme conditions.


Along the two hour plus run up the northeast coast, I discover an anomaly. It seems to be a tidal pool that fades in and out of existence, low on the terrain map. When the tide goes out, land is dry. When the sea returns every few seconds, it is ocean.

Prodding Around.

Upon further inspection, it seems possible to dig a garden plot in the middle of the salty pool.

Nick's Hole.

Not only can you garden here, but you can fish right on top of it. A self sustaining ‘negative island’ embedded in the terrain. Neat. In the spirit of expedition, science, and discovery, I hereby name this tidal pool ‘Nick’s Hole’.

Fishing at Nick's Hole.

Nick’s Hole is a memorial name for another memorial water body in Chernarus. The Nicholas T. Fisherman Memorial Marsh, of course, lies along the southern coast near Komorovo.

Fruits of Labor.

I enjoy fresh pumpkin grown in the saltwater at Nick’s Hole. I’ve also caught a fish in the garden with the fishing rod, but it has either despawned or that feature is bugged at the moment. I did successfully catch edible sardines with a fish trap (netting + wire).

On to K2 and Pimpleopheles

Leaving Nick’s Hole, I run a while north until previous research from Weyland Yutani’s journeys tell me I’m near where I should see the far offshore islands of K2 and it’s tiny neighbor Pimpleopheles. I’m here to farm the salty sands of Pimpleopheles and stay a while.

Notation of 111°

In most circumstances in DayZ .60, due to the new coastal fog and previously documented visual anomalies along the debug coasts, it is about impossible to even see K2 and Pimpleopheles from the shore. I had to wait to get very lucky to see a sunrise where the sun silhouetted the islands’ horizons, so I checked the compass for future reference.

The Swim.

Leaving the mainland for K2 and Pimpleopheles. Health status indicators are solid.


The tiny island takes form out of the haze after a 12 minute swim from shore east into nothingness.

Work Work.

I immediately get to work farming and fishing. Much of the island of Pimpleopheles itself, like Nick’s Hole, appears and disappears with the rolling waves. It’s big enough for a garden plot and that’s about it. Neighboring island K2 is much, much larger and can often be seen through the sea haze.

Night Fishing.

While pumpkins and zucchini grow, amazingly, I set up both sorts of fish traps.

Bounty of the Sea.

Sardines a plenty.


Cooking sardines fresh from the ocean, warming up, and watching the plot grow on Pimpleopheles. Survival is now assured, and I can rest.

Hipshot Practice.

The entirety of the island is visible here as I take potshots at a pumpkin.



From here, I still have plenty of gear to continue north. I have little to no data from predecessors at this point, but I have enough supplies to keep going, and I’ve come too far this time to turn back. Stay tuned.

– The Doctor