T.E.C. Building

The infamous office building. “What’s that thing called again…?”

Sprawling Urban View

Concrete and steel as far as the eye can see.

Site of Ruin

Walking through the destroyed center of the city.

One-Way Flight

The site of the plane crash at the International Hotel.

Short View

It’s hard to see very far when you’re deep in the city, with all these tall buildings.

Polesovo Pond

Located along the power lines between Polesovo and Kamensk at coordinates 062 014. This big pond has two tiny islets, the bigger of which will comfortably seat two survivors.

The Bridge to Camp

Crossing over this bridge just south of Niovy Sobor, on the way to Holiday Camp Nadezhda.

Shared by Tatanko on June 13, 2015

With the arrival of 0.57 on the Stable branch, it was time to rebuild from scratch.

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