First of Many

This was the first, but certainly not the last time we barbecued while roaming Chernarus.

The Gang

Left to right: Rykkor, Dudester, and Igor.

Danger Zone

Lighting up Novy Sobor with flares at night seems like a dangerous idea…

Danger Zone (alt.)

Alt. view of the above image.

He Had a Toothy Grin

“Smile for the camera!”

Courtyard Conversation

Probably not the best place to be standing around talking.

On the Runway

Waiting for friends to loot a heli crash.

Pink at Night

Making our way southwest.

Camp at the Airfield

The military encampment at the Northwest Airfield.

Can't Help Ourselves

Everywhere we went, we had the habit of shooting of flares.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Seven hours means many in-game days have passed. What day is it again?

The Gang, Part 2

From left to right: Rykkor, Dudester, BleedoutBill.

Pot Shots

Trying out their shiny weapons against the zeds.


Weary from our travels, we decided to slaughter a few cattle and get to cooking.

To Full to Eat Any More

Our feast yielded many steaks (and some tasty cooked lard!).

Just Like Old Times

A fire burning in the wood stove makes the house feel alive again.


Never stay in one spot for too long in Berezino.

On the Road (Again)

I drove a loooot today…

Cooking with Gas

Well, not literally. Trying to refill our poor V3S that had run out of gas for the second time.


Ending the journey with yet another fireworks display.

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