Getting Started

I meet up with Igor, who escorts me from Cherno into the north.

Making Some Progress

We journey north towards Green Mountain, taking in the sunset at Pulkovo.

Pit Stop in Stary

We decide to have a look around the tents in Stary Sobor.

Group Meeting

Here, we meet up with Dudester and Tux. The four of us will be much safer if we travel together.

Down to Three

Eventually though, Igor must leave us, and the three remaining travelers make their way farther north.

Catch Your Breath

In Novy Sobor, we prepare to go even farther north.


We all seem to be facing the issue of being too damn hot!

Checking Out the Pump Station

Tux and Dudester decide to have a look at one of the new enterable buildings.

New Flares!

Upon finding out that the road flare had new smoke and particle effects, we HAD to play around with them.

World Champion

Tux shows us his mad hula hooping skills.

A Beacon in the Night

We take a chance and see if we can attract some attention. We have no takers šŸ™

New Flames, Too!

Observing the Super Mario-like effects of the new torch flames.

Hunting at Night

Upon spotting a herd of cows, Dudester decides to unleash his .22 rifle.

Physical Activity

As if running across Chernarus wasn’t bad enough, Dudester gets punishment in the form of push-ups from Tux.

“Drop and give me 20!”

What Time Is It?

Losing track of time once again, not knowing whether we see a sunset or sunrise.

Leisure Time

We take the opportunity to chill out in a cabin for the night.

Super North

Nearing the northern border, still driving that truck around.

More Flares

We can’t help it. They’re fun.

Car Tent

We finally find a car tent, and decide to pack away a second V3S in Vavilovo for the night.

Medical Attention

Seeking some rest at the tent city near Myshkino.

Shared by Tatanko on July 19, 2015

A second album of adventures in 0.58 Experimental.

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