The many varieties of sheds in Chernarus are currently one of the best sources of loot in 0.58. Items include gas canisters, glow plugs, truck batteries, and truck wheels for the V3S.


Inside houses like this one (but really any residential building), you’ll find tents.

Lighting It Up

It is now possible to light fires indoors now using the built-in fireplaces. Simply craft a fireplace and put it inside, then light.

Once you’ve got the fireplace set up, it’s possible to add a Cooking Pot for additional utility.

Go Out of Your Way

Places like Nagornoe are your best bet for loot in this Experimental. The more you go out of your way, the better.

Tire Repair

Using a Tire Repair Kit, it is possible to repair Truck Wheels that have been removed from the V3S. You cannot mend ruined tires.

Novy Sobor

This town is one such location where you’ll find one of the new world containers: a Minsk refrigerator.

Holy Mackerel!

As of 0.58, the Fish Net Trap that can be crafted from a metal wire and netting is now working properly. Without any bait, it is possible to catch both Sardines and Mackerel in the sea.

This is the first we’ve seen of Mackerel, which up until now have been unable to be caught. This fish can be prepared into a single “fillet” (more like just chop the head off) which can then be cooked over a fire and eaten.

Shared by Tatanko on July 5, 2015

Snapshots from a weekend spent roaming Chernarus in 0.58 Experimental.

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