Calm Before the Storm

Before deciding to jump into the test server, we prepared ourselves by gathering materials from our camp on another server. It was the last time we would see the sun.

Get Cookin'

Before we went anywhere, we realized we needed a plan. It was pouring down rain outside, so we built a fire. The first thing we did was try and cook meat over the fire to see if cooked meat still makes you sick on the test server (it does).

Set the Spark

Here, we see Gary attempting to light the frying pan with a spark from his magic wand.

Bad Beginning

Immediately after we get started on our journey, we come across this house with the glowing embers of a fireplace still in front. Not what you want to come across in a populated server in the middle of the night.

No Ordinary Rain

Though it was bad enough being dark outside, we soon realized that the rain we were dealing with was… more harsh than usual.

Fog Rolling In

Here, you can see what was some of the lighter fog of the evening through the trees. Visibility was very poor.


The sun began to come up. Unfortunately, the fog persisted and tried to snuff out the light before it even had a chance.

Stay Safe

Most of our journey was focused on looking for animals, but it became clear pretty quickly that it was doubtful we would even be able to see anything in this weather. Nonetheless, we kept checking. We were also in a dangerous neck of the woods.

Sun's Up!

Even after the sun came up, visibility was extremely limited. At least it was pretty…

Growing Weary

After more than two hours of slogging through the rain and the fog, we were growing tired.

Get it Together, Man!

Dudester and Gary were becoming a bit delusional in this weather, perhaps.

Don't Stop Now

Staying in the woods was the worst thing we could do. Keeping your orientation was difficult enough in the open; in the dense forest we felt lost entirely.

Moment of Silence

Every once in a while, for about thirty seconds, the rain would stop.

Can't Go On

We start seeing signs of a town, and decide to pack it in.

Seek Shelter

Finally, we arrive at Pustoshka and end our journey for the night.

Shared by Tatanko on August 17, 2015

In the special test server of US NE 0-1, three brave souls survived the night in the harshest of conditions in build 0.58.129061. It was cold, wet, and downright miserable, but it was one hell of a journey across western Chernarus.

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