Sniper on the Hill

This was my first real picture of 2015, and one of my earliest efforts with my new PC. When I took this, I had no idea how popular it would become!

Heli by the Sea

This was taken next to the coast in the town of Kamenka.

Survey the Hills

Stopping for a moment to consult my map, I couldn’t waste the opportunity for a good photo.

0.55 Zombie Horde

When zombies were reintroduced with larger numbers in 0.55, everyone took advantage of it to have some fun.

Truck Battle

In a rare moment of, “What do we do?!,” my friends and I were in a truck headed into Elektro when we were confronted by two other trucks. What ensued was a hilarious battle of trucks with all kinds of janky physics.

Stopping to Admire

In a more peaceful visit to Elektro, I decided to snap a photo of the city’s sign on the way in.

Church in Novo

Just before the sun began to go down, I took this picture of the yellow church that sits high above Novo on the hill.

Summer Camp Sunset

One of my favorites of the year. This was taken during preparation for a social gathering at the summer camp nearest the villlage of Khelm.

No Fires in the Gymnasium!

Schools were added in 0.57, and I immediately took the opportunity to utilize the gym for some fun.

Troitskoe General Store

This is from a routine journey north from Severograd to Kamensk.

Underground No More

We gained a lot in 0.57, but one of the things we lost were these underground areas at the Kamensk military facility.

Airfield Patrol

This one was completely unintentional. A friend and I stopped here for a moment, and he happened to be standing in front of the roadblock. I just asked him to move a few steps over and… voila!


This was made to look like a survivor marching into Cherno ready for a fight. Though it was intended for someone’s personal project, I’m not sure it ever actually got used.

Short Flight

This picture was taken right after, and is meant to show a destroyed Chernogorsk.

View from the Window

Part of the “Cities” series, I wanted to give viewers an idea of how things would look from the perspective of a tenant.

4th of July

Part of an album to celebrate American Independence Day. A lone survivor stands in front of a red, white, and blue city hall in Novo.

Be Careful...

A failed midnight run to the gas station to try fueling up an entire barrel for our truck.

No Time to Waste

Trying to keep up with my friends as we make our way between locations.

Running With a Flare

Another of my favorites from this year. I wanted to demonstrate the new particle effects of the road flare, and the results couldn’t have been more perfect.

We Can Fix This

I’ll take the blame for this one — I rolled the truck. In this picture, we see my friends assessing the situation and considering alternatives.

Vybor Fuel-Up

One of the first images created upon my switch to 1440p this summer.

Work Your Magic

Here we see GaryWalnuts killing time by performing magic as we wait for a friend to arrive.

Monsoon Season

One of the highlights of my DayZ year was playing on a pair of special servers during the initial 0.58 Experimental period. These servers were equipped with some of the worst weather I have ever seen on this game, and the experience was nothing short of awesome. I hope to see more of this in the future.

The Longest Swim

This year I made a return journey to Debug Island, something I thought would never happen again due to conditions. It may never happen again, but at least I went while I still had the opportunity!

Testing, Testing...

The camp you see here was created by a cooperative of 20+ people mostly from the official forums. It was used in testing server performance for the 0.58 Hotfix on the Experimental branch.

Tower at Night

Part of the “Landmarks” series, this night shot of the Green Mountain tower is something I hope to do even better in 2016.

Looking History in the Face

Past and present stare each other down in this entry from the “Landmarks” series.

Danger City

The unfriendly looking fellow in the picture was just moments away from turning around and attacking me.

Top of the World

A view from near the top of Pik Kozlova at sunset.

Halloween Cannibals

I spent Halloween 2015 “pretending” to be a cannibal.

Exercise Caution

Watch out for those cows!

Sunset Over Klen

This is how you capture a sunset.

Get Out of the Way!

A friend asks us to stand back as he demonstrates the awesome new sounds for the SVD rifle.

Standing Proud

My model looking very proud of himself after looting a crash site.

Hand Cannon

The awesome power of the .357 Magnum.

More to Come

A preview of the first album to come in 2016…

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A collection of some of the best screenshots I’ve produced this year.

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