Stumbled upon these fine folks in Cernaya Polana firestation.

We began our way towards NEAF in order to make the group larger.

But first we had a bit of a VIP party in this little house.

Attempting to keep order.

Any Dean look-a-likes had some serious explaining to do.

When you are surrounded, expect your funny parts to be the target.

Guys in the police outfits were running the show.

I managed to point out Mr. Orange Rain Jacket stood out a bit and probably shouldn’t live any longer.

They agreed.

Then things started to get a little out of hand.

At this point I knew we wouldn’t live much longer.

This guy was in pretty bad shape.

Better off than these two though.

My final picture before I decided to go meet up with a buddy. Right after I snapped this and started hauling ass away from the crime scene, someone decided to spray everyone down with his AK. If you were part of this group, try to find yourself. Fun times were had.