We tried to create a color wheel

Had a bunch of colors after some combinations

Even in different shades

Just with 1 red berry

With 2 red berries

With 3 red berries

With 4 red berries

With 5 red berries

And 5 times 100% plant material

Shared by Silberlicht on July 23, 2015

We tried the new barrels and the coloring system. Turns out: it is not that easy to know what color you will have in the end.
You can take or combine red berries, blue berries and plant material.
We are still trying to figure out the system behind it, so if you have any ideas or want to try it by yourself and share the results, we would be really happy. 🙂
There is the whole album with more colored armbands and some explanations:

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