Westernmost town

Small town, only real thing of note is the piano house.

Busyard & End of the line

This has been here since SA went live, and is included because it’s pretty much right next to the above town.

Town + Busyard

Not very far at all.

NW corner of town

Central View + Busyard in distance

New Town #2- the Northernmost one

There’s been a tiny amount of buildings here for a while, but the rest are now in place.

NW Corner of Town #2

Heads into the might pre-wasteland hills. Very picturesque

Looking SE of Town #2

Not much of note in the town, other than the two story houses and barn maybe.

Eastern Outskirts of Town #2

Better get picking. Seemingly the only important part of this town.

Ruins along the eastern road out of town


Here she is, the beginnings of the new large town. There’s a school and piano house so it’s all good.

Garages, Row Houses, and Sheds

Aerial View

The Train Station

This has also been around since the beginning of SA, and has always spawned loot. Found a couple of press vests there back in the day. It lays on the southern end of the town.

Eastern Road

A couple apartment buildings are in place, and that’s about it.

Aerial #2

The bridge and what seems to be a canal can be found here. This would be the eastern side.

Town #1 overview

No name was on the map, so I’m not sure which one this is. This is directly west of NWAF- a bit north of Lopatino. It’s the end of the railroad, so it should be simple to find.

Town #2 overview

As with town #1, no name was present yet, so I’m not sure which one this is. This is NW of NWAF, north of town #1.

Severograd overview

North of Gvozdno. Follow the tracks or road west out of Novo to get here.