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Just a picture of the stockpile i was creating XD

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    SO all those items stay after the server resets ?

    if so how long do they actually remain ? do the servers do a like full reset every 2 day or somthing ? where the items do actualy disapear. Otherwise the map would slowly just fill up with more and more loot all over the floor after hundreds of players come and go xD

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      They are probably stress testing it to see its limit or something, but I would figure it would end up doing something like you mentioned, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong and sorry for my bad english but I remember their solution was something like this;

      The Map is divided into lots of squares and each square can “hold” a special amount of items.If this amount is reached there wont be any Items respawning until somebody collects some items so there is enough space for new items.

      I might be wrong but I remember something like this

      Greetings from Germany

  • This is stupid I find this everywhere while looting people sit in a high loot area and then take all the items out of a police station, barracks, or fire station then they would wait and take the loot that would spawn. Then you would come across these piles of crap loot that had been left behind.

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    so how do people get loot to spawn in places like this?